Threading is way of removing hair which is unwanted hair around the facial area. The way the technique is done through 100 percent pure cotton piece of specialized organic thread. Threading is done on eyebrows, upper lip, side face, forehead, chin and neck.


A way of helping to enhance the colouring and definition of hair. Tinting includes eyebrows and eyelashes. The colours include brown, black and blue black for eyelashes


High definition brow shaping as it uses specialized tinting, measuring and creating a distinctive shape.


Include mini and full manicures, such as filing the nail, pushing back the cuticles, removing cuticles, buffing the nail. Applying normal polish such as CND vinylux and Opi. Also we use gel based polishes such as the manicure company, gellish and shellac.


Includes mini and full spa pedicure we also can use a callus peel to remove hard unwanted skin for people. A pedicure includes all essential foot work, such as sanatising the feet, filing toenails, pushing back cuticles, removing cuticles, buffing the toenails, soaking the feet in foot soak, removing dead skin from beneath the feet, applying a foot scrub, washing the feet, massaging the lowerleg area and feet with foot cream. Applying paint to the toenails and finshing off with almond oil to nourish the feet.


Which includes Eyebrows, upper lip and lower lip, side face, chin, neck, and forehead.


Includes removing excess hair from various parts of the body such as, arm waxing, underarm waxing, half leg and full leg waxing, Hollywood waxing, brazzilian waxing, bikini waxing. Types of wax used include, hard wax, soft wax, and peel off wax.


Nourishing the facial area with exception products to give the perfect facial glow. This is done through our popular brands such as Voya and ACADEMIE.


Includes body neck and shoulder.